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As I spend far too much of my time saving old computer tat from landfill, is was inevitable that I'd throw together some sort of website to show all 3 of you what I do.

You just can't beat the old 8bit machines.... Keeping them alive can be as addictive as keeping vintage cars on the road, but with less rust, unless its a Commodore Pet.

If you've got an old sick computer that you'd like to reseraect, drop me a line!

You'll also notice, that I have a slight leaning towards Commodore machines.. But I still find time to fiddle with all maner of other makes and models of vintage computers.

Back Story... Shortly after the earth cooled...

My first computer was a Vic-20, second was an Amstrad PCW8256 (took it back a week later tho, third was a C128 (yay!).. The list went on and on.. Till I finally switched from Amiga 4000 to PC permanently..ish

Thanks to being a bit mental, and a thing called ebay.. I have managed to fill my house with all kinds of vintage computer greatness..

I also offer a repair service for  Commodore Vic-20 C64 C128 C16 Plus4 and Amiga, as well as Sinclair, Amstrad, Oric, BBC, Atari and Dragon computers.. Also free advice for those who want to fix it themselves! Check out the Repair pages as well as the forums.


Hey, this website is work in progress.. The last time I did anything close to this was a bulletin board way back in 1826.. Just after tea time, but before Eastenders. -  I'm working (very slowly) on a new website... So you won't have to put up with this "Knocked up in shed" version for much longer!

Free feeling of smugness if you can guess what BBS I use to run

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